An American Whiskey Bar



Welcome to Hard Water, an American whiskey bar.

The whiskies on this list represent over 15 years of collecting—since the opening of Slanted Door. Now we have the opportunity to share some of those whiskies with our friends.

Some of these bottles, such as the Pappy Van Winkle and the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, are still released every year but in very limited quantities; others, such as Parker’s Heritage and Willett Family Estate single barrels, are each “one of a kind” and will never again be available. So as we finish a bottle, it may no longer be available anywhere, or at least to the general public.

With that scarcity in mind and, because we feel that the opportunity to compare and contrast whiskies makes drinking them even more enjoyable, we offer many of our rarer whiskies in flights. Some of these flights may literally be a once in a lifetime experience.

We have also embarked upon an ongoing program of private barrel purchases. These barrels, which are almost always unique to Hard Water, come from distilleries well established as well as from new entrants just starting to make their marks. And we are extremely fortunate to be part of several programs that now operate from a closed list, meaning only existing customers are able to get new picks. Four Roses is an example of this. We are also developing relationships with emerging programs operated by independent whiskey bottlers. Some of these are quite ambitious!

Whatever whiskies you choose to enjoy during your visit, we hope you will enjoy the craft and camaraderie to be found in each glass. Our experienced staff is here to help you make your selections as well as to answer any questions you may have about American Whiskey.